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Dragon ball games

1.Dragon Universe (Pvp/Rp)
2.Dragonball Z Union  (PVP)

3.DB Generations (RP)
4.DBZ: United Heroes 2 (PVP)
5.Dragonball Encore Reborn (RP)
6.Dragonball GT: Infinite Realms (PVP)
7. Dragonball Shuurajou (PVP)
8.Dragonball Supremacy (PVP)
9.Dragonball Z Online Adventures (PVP)
10.Dark Apocalypse (PVP)
11.Dragonball: Fate Of Two Legends (PVP)
12.Finale (RP)
13.Finale Retro (RP)
14. Heroes United (PVP)
15. Heroes United 2 (PVP)
16.Phoenix: Sundered Earth (RP)

17. Dragon Ball Z : Deadly Alliance (PVP)
19.DragonBall Revelation (PVP)

Naruto Games

1.Era of the Shinobi (RP)

2.Naruto Based (PVP)
3.Naruto Blind Spot of the Souls (PVP)
4.Naruto Cursed Fight Brasil (PVP)
5.Naruto Final Fight (PVP)
6.Naruto Forbidden Tales (PVP)
7.Naruto Infinite Battles (PVP)
8.Naruto Kyuubi's Vengeance (PVP)
9.Naruto Ninja Moo Moo (PVP)
10.Naruto Shinobi Warriors (PVP)
11.Naruto Shippuden curse Of The Uchiha!  (PVP)
12.Naruto, Call Of Shinobi: Anbu Blackops (PVP)
13.Naruto: Above and Beyond  (PVP)
14. Naruto: Eternal Memories (PVP)
15.Naruto: Evolution (PVP)
16.Naruto: Next Generation (PVP)
17.Naruto: Shinobi of Legend (PVP)
18.Naruto:Evolved Rivalries (PVP)
19.Ninja Chronicles (RP)
20. Shinobi Arts Online (PVP)
21. Shinobi Conquest (PVP)
22.Naruto Battle of Two Legends (PVP)
23.Naruto Remake Det Brasil  (PVP)
24.NaruterosV3 (PVP)
25.Naruto: New Legends (PVP) 

26..Hatred Unleashed (PVP) 
27.Naruto Revenge of the Fallen (PVP)

28.Nindo Online (RP)
29.World of Shinobi (PVP)

Bleach Games

1.Bleach (PVP)
2.Bleach Eternity (PVP)
3.Bleach The Legendary End (PVP)
4.Bleach: Breed of Destruction (PVP)
5.Bleach: Las Noches (PVP)
6.Bleach: Way of the Soul (RP)
7.Bleach: World-Wide Adventures (PVP)
8.Bleach Odyssey - Roleplay (RP)

9.Nabu Getsu (PVP)
10.Bleach Last Stand

Pokemon/Digimon Games

1.Pokemon Awesome Version  (PVP)
2.Pokemon Dark Red (PVP)
3.Pokemon Origins (PVP)
4.Pokemon Phoenix Flames (PVP)
5.Pokemon Race Against Time (PVP)
6.Pokemon Red Steel - since 01-02-2007 (PVP)
7.Pokemon Shooting Star (PVP)
8.Pokemon World Online RP (RP)
9.Pokémon: Universe Network (PVP)
10,Digimon Revolution (PVP)
11.Digimon Tamers Classic (PVP)

 Animes(One piece,Fairy Tail ETC)/Other Games

1.Age of Pirates (PVP)
2.Rise Of The Pirates (PVP)

3.Pirate Battle (PVP) Nice one piece fighting game, try it :}
4.Super Fairy Tail Tv Anime Power! (PVP)

5Fairy Tail (PVP) 

6.Hogwarts: A History (PVP) 

7.Harry Potter: The Wizards' Chronicles (PVP)

8.Universe of Comics (RP) 

9.IconShare - Here u can find icons, I like it 

10.Icon Bay - Here u can find icons, I  like it

11.Star Wars Evolution (PVP)

Resident Evil Games/Scary

1.Dead and Walking (PVP)
2.Decadence (PVP)
3.The Last Conflict (PVP)
4.Pyrce High (RP)



*I uptade this list evry day,but some games could not work